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Hochman provides foreign trade consultancy for businesses in Europe, Türkiye, the Middle East, Central Asia and the Far East to operate in the international market. We provide consultancy to companies that want to buy or sell products/services to follow, develop, expand their business abroad and open up to foreign markets.

Our Services

  • Export Consulting

    Analysis and preparations such as company analysis, competition analysis, target market analysis, potential customers to be created and a ready buyer list are made.

  • Import Consulting

    For the products you plan to import from abroad, the necessary research, finding a manufacturer and supplier, and the necessary procedures for import are followed.

  • Market Research

    Potential customers; It is a process that regularly monitors their preferences and approach to prices. In this way, data about the potential market of your products is collected and the ground is prepared for trade.

  • Effective and Efficient Marketing

    Products and services are sold directly from the producer to the consumer and with the relevant companies without using any intermediaries.

"We make your dreams come true."


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